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 Visions Pricing

Hello, let's get the magic started!

As I've shared before I use my creativity as Art Healing Therapy. I am passionate about using my images and words to evoke healing conversations and create cozy safe spaces in our homes.


Photography can evoke extreme emotions ranging from rage to joy, from sadness to exhilaration, and from anxiety to a complete state of ease. With this in mind how I come to the decision on the sizes, my work will best translate in.


For your convenience, I've added this page to assist you in your decision-making process. The Info-only images will serve for you to visualize the size in your home, office, etc. I also created two gallery posts with my own images for reference and a price list. ALL custom work prints, canvases, metals, panoramics, etc... are made to order so delivery times vary between 1-3 weeks. I aim to provide you with the best quality possible :)

Have fun viewing the gallery and if any questions

please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Love n Light




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